GS 461

GS 461

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The STIHL GS 461 Rock Boss™ concrete cutter is a new high-performance power tool for wet-cutting building materials such as concrete, natural stone and ductile iron. Its diamond abrasive chain is capable of cutting and shaping contours, corners and openings, as well as, making cutouts in walls to a depth of 16". Therefore, the GS 461 Rock Boss™ ideally complements the range of STIHL cut-off machines.

STIHL's many years of experience with the extreme demands of concrete cutting in the cut-off saw segment are reflected in the development of all the components of the STIHL GS 461 Rock Boss™.

Starting with the stratified charge engine with delayed stratified scavenging, the Rock Boss™ provides high torque over a wide engine speed range and reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%.

There's a 30% enhancement in cutting performance compared to competitive 2-stroke models. The long-life air filter system is perfectly tailored to the tough working conditions on building sites and traps even fine dust. The HD2 air filter achieves long service life and is easily accessible without requiring tools.