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LT Storage Package

Have you ever thought about getting your tractor ready when your not using it? Don't want wait in line to get your tractor serviced at the last minute? Tired of having a surprise dead battery when it time to mow the lawn?

These are all good reasons to get your tractor done during the winter time!

Get more room in your garage for the winter, get peace of mind, when spring comes and a tractor ready to mow!

LawnTractor Storage Package Includes:

  • Maintained Battery over the winter
  • Rust check under the deck
  • Add fuel Stabilizer to fuel stored over the winter
  • Change engine oil and filter (included)
  • Inspect and clean air filter
  • Charge Battery and test
  • Sharpen Blade and balance
  • Change fuel filter (included)
  • Clean under deck
  • Inspect Belts, Bearings,Bushings
  • Grease zerk fittings and anti-scalp wheel
  • Replace spark plug (included)
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Remove engine cover and clean debris
  • Leveling Deck

    *Free pick up in surrounding area